How to use

What you currently see on is a prototype of’s potential. Here is what you need to know in order to use this prototype.

Reading a Take

On the homepage you can see excerpts from takes that other users have written. Click an excerpt to read the full take. If the take cites any facts, click the fact to see the full document or video, so you can verify the context for yourself.

Exploring the Foundation Timeline

The foundation timeline helps you discover facts for your take. Click and drag the timeline from side to side to see facts from different times. Click a fact to a see the full document or video.

A few of the videos also have a transcript (Jimmy Carter - Gerald Ford 2/3, Donald Trump - Hillary Clinton 2/3). Eventually, all of the videos will have a transcript.

Exploring a Video

Use the standard YouTube controls to browse videos. If you wish to give your Take on a clip from a video then take the following steps:


Writing a Take

Use the text editor to type anything you wish next to Facts you’ve sent to your Take. If you wish to add additional Facts to your Take, explore the Timeline that’s located at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions in the section above, “Exploring the Foundation Timeline” for adding new Facts to your Take. Some important points to note.

Need to clarify how to get your highlighted text into your take. It took me a few times and I got an error message the first few times I tried.

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