Header on mytake.org vs meta.mytake.org

Moving some feedback from Victoria to here.

When I am in MyTake How To Use section and click on the MyTake.org header it takes me to meta ‘Welcome to Discourse page, not the user section. This is confusing for users as you expect to go back to the home page.

Not sure what you mean. When I click “How to Use” on the homepage it takes me to “https://meta.mytake.org/t/how-to-use-mytake-org/”, where there are instructions for how to use MyTake.org.

Is it taking you somewhere else? Can you take a screenshot or post the URL it’s sending you to?

I think the issue here is that the “MyTake.org” link in the header on meta.mytake.org or any sub page of meta.mytake.org takes users to meta.mytake.org instead of mytake.org.

Ahh I understand. That’s a great point.

Navigation between the governance / feedback side of MyTake.org and the real side is definitely a problem right now. Haven’t seen a scheme for handling that confusion that I love so far.

Might be worth looking at other forums to see if there are any good ideas for handling this:

I made the Discourse header match the header of our main site. Ned, can you upload the new logo image for meta.MyTake.org? I’m not sure how to do that.

Since we’re talking about headers. How about we toss around some tagline ideas? I think the point we need to get across in as few words as possible is the following:

Encourage productive political conversation and education by presenting an engaging foundation of political facts and evidence in full context.

One idea:

Encourage conversation with full-context facts.


Ideally, I think we want it to fit comfortably in the header on mobile with a pretty loud font.

Context matters.

True things, with context.

Fundamentals, in context.


or 2:

Or 3: