Board meeting - February 3 2018 - Delayed

At our last meeting (12/17/2017), we decided to meet again this coming weekend, Feb 3rd. We were each supposed to onboard 5 new users, and have them each create an account and publish a take.

Since then, we’ve made a decent chunk of improvements to the website. Our most pressing unresolved issue is that the newsfeed is still static. But many other issues that we identified at that meeting (drafting bugs, emailing a draft, selecting hunks of a video, etc) have been fixed.

Todd is currently working on another set of improvements to the video UI, but I expect it will be a few more weeks before these improvements are ready to deploy. I am slammed with my day job at the moment - I won’t be able to dig deep into work for another few weeks. The website that we have today is probably what we’ll have for the next 4 weeks or so, and it meets the bar that we set for ourselves back on December 17th.

I don’t think it makes sense to meet Feb 3rd, since none of us have done our homework yet.


  • President Trump’s first State of the Union is tomorrow night (missed opportunity)
  • Applications for the summer batch of Y Combinator just opened (class is June to August), and are due by March 24. It would be really great if we had real users to showcase in the application
  • Some compliance documents (990-PF and RRF-1, aka federal and state non-profit tax returns) are due April 15
  • Our Conflict of Interest reports are due January 31st (!!), more info below


Let’s set our next meeting for Sunday, February 25, 9am PST. Our agenda will be:

I’ve signed a Conflict of Interest Annual Statement. Link here.

Hi there- will get on all this. I did share the link over the holidays but didn’t follow up, my bad!

Thanks for the excellent detailed update.

I am re-doing mine to make it match the names as we signed the official docs - last time we had to re-do it as I didn’t sign with Frances (middle name). Todd, I see that you didn’t either and wonder if that is OK or not?[Here is my COI signed doc.]

Thanks, got the docs! I think they are all fine as-is. I think the middle-name-stuff is only important when we’re filing gov docs, these are internal.