YouTube copyright claims on two videos

Strangely, two of the debate videos have been blocked in some countries due to copyright claims.

1960-10-21 - Presidential Debate - Kennedy, Nixon (4 of 4)

Copyrighted content: 1960 Debate on Cuba
Claimed by: SME
Blocked countries: China, Holy See (Vatican City State), Italy, Malta, San Marino

2004-10-08 - Presidential Debate - Bush, Kerry (2 of 3)

Copyrighted content: Video clip
Claimed by: FranceTV mcn
Blocked countries: France


I just discovered that the Kennedy/Nixon video is blocked in our transcript gui application as well. I created a GitHub issue about it. I think SME is Sony Music Entertainment, and there is a very brief music clip at the beginning of the video. Maybe trimming the video will lift the block.