How to contribute to needs

  • people to use it
  • people to build it
  • money to run it / build it

Feel free to start a topic anywhere on this message board if you have a question!

I want to use it

Great! Create an account, and give your take on something! The more content we have, the better! No such thing as a bad take.

As you use the site, if you see anything that’s broken, or if you have an idea for a piece of the website could be better, click the “Feedback” button on the bottom-right. It will open a tool where you can draw right on the webpage so you point out problems to us.

I want to build it

Fantastic! Take a look at on GitHub.

I want to donate to it

We’re currently a pending 501(c)(3). If you’d like to make a donation, email [email protected] and we can work out any details.