Board minutes - June 16, 2018

Board minutes

We are now an officially recognized 501(c)(3).

Todd has 71 hours left. The midterms are coming up but our content is not extremely relevant to it. There are 7 of 32 presidential debates transcripts complete, which should be enough to validate our technical progress. Ned’s proposed that Todd spend his remaining time on technical aspect of instead of creating more transcripts for presidential debates.

Goals we hope to meet by November 2018


Within the next 6-8 weeks:

  1. Implement meme-like sharable video and text clips. We expect to finish this.
  2. Begin to implement social media embeds to make our content look great on social platforms. There might not be enough time for this.


  1. We want to move beyond sharing this with friends and to a more formal press release to include contacting various journalists and podcasters to promote our tool and to solicit donations.
  2. There’s a question of whether we can add a donate button to our site now that we are a 501(c)(3).

Timing is important, and we are hoping to ride the wave of public interest as it swings back to politics. We will also try to have another conversation with Joel, the CEO of icitizen.

When asking for donations we want to be specific. E.g. we want a specific amount of money to transcribe primary debates or we want a specific amount of money to add feature x or feature y.

Crowdfunding is tricky for us because we don’t have a product to ship to individuals. If we want to sell or giveaway promotional swag we can explore that option as well.

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