Board minutes - January 2020

Board Minutes


Ned, Alison, Victoria, Todd

Introductions and Reintroductions

Ned came across the idea for MyTake when trying to communicate politics with his family and friends. Ned currently lives in San Francisco, CA.

Todd was approached by Ned to help build this tool. Todd currently lives in Richmond, VA.

Victoria met Ned through a mutual acquaintance in her involvement in the Bridge Alliance. Victoria currently splits her time between Boston, MA and Seattle, WA.

Alison also met Ned through a mutual acquaintance. She is involved in civic education through Generation Citizen and is currently on faculty at the University of San Francisco. Alison currently lives in San Francisco, CA.

Board Member Nominations

Ned was nominated for CEO, Todd for Secretary, and Alison for Treasurer. All nominations were confirmed unanimously.

Conflict of interest policy

Ned, Todd, and Alison to sign and store on Google Drive

2020 Goals

Video Transcripts

Ned plans to spend 40 hours within the next 2 weeks to attempt to complete this.

Trial Audiences for the Beta Launch

Once we have something to show we’ll want feedback from different groups of people. The first step is to get feedback from people we know well. The idea is that this is a low-effort task. We would get more value out of bigger audiences but this is much harder to achieve, so we’ll start small.

  • Internal deadline of June 1st for gathering this feedback.
  • Alison proposed a spreadsheet to keep track of feedback and ideas.

How do you describe what the organization does in a sentence?

Lots of ideas here, no real consensus, still a work-in-progress. Perhaps:

MyTake allows someone to explore and collaborate on political evidence and share it in full context.

In terms of project management is there a launch timeline?

Alison proposed June because that’s when teachers (history, social studies, and civics teachers) begin searching for their curriculum. K12 school year ends around June 15th and then everyone takes at least a few weeks off. They are a great potential target audience for us.