Board minutes - August 2020

All officers re-elected

  • Feedback on the latest
  • Features on the horizon:
    • Within a week or two we will have a tool/method/approach for users to collate their own sets of facts.
    • Allow users to make “quicktakes”. Add a paragraph to a clip.
  • Paid newletters and services (like substack) illustrate exciting possibilities for the future of
  • 4 weeks until the first debate (if it happens)
  • Launch
    • If it’s announced that there will be no 2020 debates, we will launch immediately
    • Else we will launch in 4 weeks with the first 2020 debate
  • Alison thinking about a sample lesson plan for educators on how to use the tool and how to show it to students
  • Todd to share demo to a pool of ~950 developers